A change of plans… :/

So, after making the painstaking decision to travel to Australia for a year, full of worry and angst, inevitably my plans changed again. I write this entry aboard a flight to Orlando, Florida – the first leg of a journey to Bogota, Colombia. The start of a three-month trip across South America. You may be wondering how this possibly came about. Well, let me explain. I was convinced that South America would let me have at least 3 months off work; who could turn that down? The flight to Australia was cancelled and new flights to Bogota were booked. I’ll now be (reluctantly) travelling to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile before moving on to Australia and then Bali. Considering my reluctance to ever travel, I’ll now be taking my terrified self to 7 countries in the space of 12 months. Who knew?

Continue to follow my posts for more fear-filled antics. 

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